Experimental Voices

Narratives Editorial Letter

Hive is now publishing the first of what we hope will be a monthly Narratives column. The Narrative pieces will complement and enhance the non-fiction by working within the main theme of each issue to bring voice to the subject at hand. We aim to provide a means and a platform for constructive dialogue and further examination of these issues to take place because at the foundation of every change, big or small, is the simple meeting of minds.

We are not restricting ourselves to a specific genre or format because we want to be open to the different aspects and modes of story-telling. There is no one voice or sound that can encompass everything and we would not want to restrict ourselves in such a way.

Our very first piece is by Sakina Fakhri, a novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. “Mistranslation in Images” is a powerful, thought-provoking short story about the grave consequences of a young man’s single, careless mistake. It is a broader, satirical commentary on global political dynamics and achieves a rather mesmerizing effect as it takes us through the protagonist’s mind and loops through scenes tangential to the imminent war.

We hope you enjoy this month’s column. Happy reading!

Hira Cheema                                                                                                                                                               Narratives editor                                                                                                                                                                   May 2015

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